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An extremely fast hand-drawn animation app for desktops using a tablet for thick and thin brush control and intuitive workflow.Animators will love the simplicity and ease of use which lets them quickly sketch out animations and beginners can focus on improving their drawing and timing.

Color your line animations easily with colors automatically going below black lines.The UI is very simple with just three tools, a pen,eraser and fill color so that you can animate with speed.Adding, inserting and duplicating frames is very easy with intuitive shortcuts and workflow.

Main Features:

*Color fill automatically goes under black lines for fast coloring

*Layout mode for scene planning

*Simple, intuitive workflow for timing and file management

*Onion skinning, auto-save and animated previews

*Bundled demo scenes for learning

*Export and import animation scene files locally

*Export .MP4 and .GIF files for further editing

*Get up and running in minutes

*Bundled animations for studying and learning

*Tested extensively with Wacom and Huion tablets

*Tablet recognition workflow to help users setup tablets

Product Page:www.animationsketchpad.com

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